Engage ∙ Educate ∙ Empower

As a medical illustrator, my goal is to personalize healthcare in a visual way. I am compassionate for every patient and strive to engage others with story-driven images, educate readers with well-researched information, and empower patients with medical knowledge so that they can be active in their own care and make healthy and informed decisions.

I aspire to provide hospitals, academic institutions, app developers and healthcare startups with the intuitive design and visuals you need to reach the patients in need. My personal experience with clinicians, surgeons, researchers, and patients has fully equipped me to deliver all-inclusive, personalized health care visualizations that facilitate communication, comfort, and adherence in diverse populations.

Patient Education
& Graphic Design

Thoughtful design aids the communication of important heath messages in many formats such as patient education, infographics, and brand identity.

Editorial Art & Promotional Material

From editorials and cover pages to educational posters and ad campaigns, engaging illustrations bring in the audience and help tell a story.

Medical Illustration & Academic Journals

Clarity and salience are key when it comes to sharing research or techniques in journals, lecture materials, and textbooks in a concise and effective manner.


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