Stairwell to Health Project

In collaboration with the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition at the University of Illinois at Chicago, a series of nutritional posters were created to line the stairwell for students and faculty to read as they travel up the steps. The goal of this project was encourage individuals to use the steps as part of a healthy initiative. This poster served as an introduction to a series of 10 posters covering various food groups such as Dairy, Vegetable, Fruit, Seafood, etc. As this poster was the beginning of the series, it includes all of the food groups and makes an overarching connection of how food can power the body and muscles to use the stairs.

  UIC Dept of Kinesiology
      and Nutrition

  General Audience

  Adobe Photoshop

 Editorial / Illustration

  Eva Mae Natividad 2016


Ultimately, this project desired to show that a trip up the stairs will be beneficial to the target audience because it will engage the audience in daily exercise, and will inform the students and faculty about healthy things they can eat to improve their overall health.

In addition to the illustration, I designed and implemented the bottom graphic which features the title of the project, the names of the illustrator and write, as well as the QR code for the project website. The purpose of creating this banner was to provide a cohesive theme throughout the 10 posters, and also share a little bit about the purpose of the project itself.