Logo - National Museum of Health + Medicine, Chicago

The focus of this logo design is the dual identity NMHMC has described in being able to both protect and disseminate information to educate the community. The museum’s importance and professionalism is represented in firm, rectangular structures made even more sturdy by their interlocking positions. These shapes show two things: that they share information within a designated space, but also transcend that space (which we can do virtually and by connecting outside our community) and continue to educate and share outwards.

The rectangles also represent an abstracted picture frame like you would see in a typical museum. The abstraction applies a 3-dimensional appearance as well, which makes it seem like stacked frames or frames that are lifting from the wall to represent a virtual space in which these displays can exist.

This project was a concept for the redesign of the NMHMC logo as part of the Advanced Graphic Design course for Biomedical VIsualization at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  National Museum
      of Health + Medicine

  General Audience

  Adobe Illustrator

 Logo / Branding

  Eva Mae Natividad 2015

Process Work: